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BTS' V Touched by Early Birthday Surprise

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In a touching display, Producer Na Yeong Seok and actor Park Seo Joon arranged an early birthday celebration for BTS' V, ahead of his compulsory military service. The YouTube video, posted on Na PD's channel, revealed the deep bond between V and his companions, underscoring their sincerity and camaraderie. As V gets ready for his military obligation, the surprise event served as an unforgettable farewell for the popular BTS member.

Embracing Friendship through a Surprise Feast

The video records the preparations by Producer Na and Park Seo Joon as they prepare a traditional Korean birthday feast for V. They served seaweed soup, succulent braised beef, Japchae, Jeon (Korean pancake), and a homemade cake. Filled with expectation, they surprised V with a beautifully adorned table at his filming location, breaking into a jovial version of the 'Happy Birthday Song' upon his entry.

Anticipation for Military Duty

During their discussion, V disclosed his eagerness about his forthcoming military service, surprising those present. His father's entertaining tales from his own military service inspired V's interest to experience it himself. V communicated his aspiration for personal growth through the rigorous training of the Special Duty Team, where he will serve.

Disappointment of a Birthday Missed

While V's excitement for his military service was evident, he also expressed sorrow that he would not be able to celebrate his birthday with loved ones due to his enlistment. This feeling emerged as his biggest regret about the enlistment process. However, Producer Na and Park Seo Joon made sure that V would have a memorable celebration before his departure, easing his disappointment.

Friendship Fostered through Support

Park Seo Joon disclosed that their friendship took root during the filming of the K-drama "Hwarang" when V sought his advice on acting. The actor's guidance throughout the filming process helped V enhance his acting skills. Their bond has since grown stronger, as often seen through reality shows and hangout sessions.

Appreciation and Cherished Memories

In the video, Park Seo Joon expressed his gratitude for V's friendship, reminiscing about how V had let him stay at his house for two months during interior renovations. V returned the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of their friendship and its positive influence on his life.

A Testament to Genuine Friendship and Enduring Connections

The early birthday surprise for BTS' V, organized by Producer Na and Park Seo Joon, highlighted the strength of true friendship and the significance of treasuring special moments. As V gears up for his mandatory military duty, the celebration served as a reminder of the love and support he has from his friends and fans. It's a testament to the strong bonds formed in the entertainment industry and the lasting impact of meaningful connections. As V begins this new journey, his enthusiasm for personal growth and the support he receives from his friends will undoubtedly sustain him. The celebration not only offered a memorable farewell but also demonstrated the genuine friendship that exists between V, Producer Na, and Park Seo Joon.
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This news article has been verified by several separate sources. We've made it easy for anyone to read by using AI.
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