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Ariana Grande's Mastery of Pro Tools in the Spotlight

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Renowned for her vocal prowess and chart-topping hits, Ariana Grande is a celebrated icon in the music industry. What sets her apart is not just her voice, but also her proficiency with Pro Tools - a digital audio workstation used by music industry professionals. A recent Instagram Reel provides a glimpse into Grande's behind-the-scenes work in the studio with acclaimed songwriter/producer Max Martin for her new single, "Yes, And?"

Ariana Grande and Max Martin in the Studio

In the shared video, Grande is seen recording multiple takes of various song sections, with Martin at the mixing desk. Grande's voice quality is highly impressive and Martin compliments her on her "perfect diction." Known for his attention to word pronunciation, Martin finds Grande's meticulousness commendable.

Talking Tech with Pro Tools

For producers, the technical discussion on configuring and using Pro Tools is particularly interesting. As Martin inquires about creating a new channel for the pre-chorus, Grande suggests combining the verse and pre-chorus on the same channel, and using a different channel for the hook. This method simplifies the task of comping different vocal takes in the desired order - an area where Grande excels, having previously been praised by The Weeknd as a "beast" in Pro Tools.

Mastering the Playlist Feature

In another segment of the video, Martin seeks Grande's guidance on using Pro Tools' Playlist feature, which allows multiple takes of a recording to be easily switched. Grande succinctly explains how to select the entire recording and use a keyboard shortcut to add it to the Playlist. These exchanges highlight Grande's deep understanding of the technical aspects of music production.

Going Solo in the Studio

Grande later shared another Reel of her working solo on her vocals, further underscoring her expertise and commitment to achieving the perfect sound.

"Yes, And?" - A Resurgence of Early '90s House

Released on Friday, "Yes, And?" has already been lauded by fans and critics. The song features a Vogue-esque 909 drum pattern and defiant, empowering lyrics. It also signifies a revival of early '90s house music, gaining momentum on the heels of Beyoncé's Renaissance album.

Grande's Technical Skills Meet Vocal Talent

Grande's collaboration with Max Martin not only showcases her remarkable vocal talent, but also her technical dexterity with Pro Tools. Her meticulous approach and dedication to perfection permeate every facet of her music-making process. As her artistry continues to evolve, Grande undoubtedly will continue to redefine studio possibilities.

Ultimately, Ariana Grande's Pro Tools skills exemplify her unwavering dedication and commitment to her craft. Her seamless navigation of the software's complexities, paired with her flawless vocals, is truly awe-inspiring. As she continues to create groundbreaking music, the anticipation of what she will achieve next with her Pro Tools mastery is thrilling.

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This news article has been verified by several separate sources. We've made it easy for anyone to read by using AI.
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