Intersex athlete Caster Semenya forced to join South African women's football team as she can't compete as a runner

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Caster Semenya, a two-time Olympic 800m gold medallist, and Intersex athlete has joined a South African women's football team, JVW after losing her landmark case against rules regulating testosterone in female athletes. 


The 28-year-old is prohibited from competing as a runner without taking testosterone-reducing drugs following a rule change by the IAAF, athletics' governing body.


Back in May, she lost her landmark case against rules regulating testosterone in female athletes. 


For her to continue competing as a woman in any running event between the 400m and the mile, Caster Semenya must take testosterone suppressants like the contraceptive pill to stay under the permitted level. She is currently fighting the rule change through the courts.



While the case is still on, Caster has joined Gauteng-based women's football club, JVW.


The three-time world champion is currently training with the club and will start playing for JVW when the 2020 season starts. 


"I am looking forward to this new journey, I appreciate the love and support I already get from the team," Semenya told the club website.


Club founder and South Africa captain Janine van Wyk said: "I am absolutely honoured that out of all the other women's clubs around the world, she has chosen JVW as the club where she would like to start showcasing her football skills."

Intersex Caster Semenya South Africa

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